About Us

Jewel of the Mile Skinwork is a women-owned and operated, home-based business in the heart of the small town, 100 Mile House. Jenn Barrett, the owner has resided here for 37 years. She has been trained by Vancouver’s top facialists and is partnered with Precious Gem Skinwork based out of Vancouver. You can expect high end, spa services, professional-grade equipment, and products, for very affordable pricing. Jenn is passionate about empowering women on the inside, and out and wants you to love the skin you’re in. Jenn is also a level 1 certified Reiki Healer and regularly incorporates this into her practice.

Who Am I

Hi I’m Jenn, I grew up and have worked in the 100 mile area since 1986. 100 Mile to me is a place of beauty and community. Growing up I was always hesitant when it came to skin care as I have super sensitive skin. This stopped me from having any type of shield against our harsh winters and hot dry summers. I started becoming aware of my aging skin and began researching ways to battle the signs of aging without irritating my sensitive skin. This opened my eyes to my passion for skincare. I have always dreamed of owning my own home spa, I would visit other spas and feel a tinge of longing, a sense of purpose, and a deep passion for helping others. When life threw me a few serious realties I began to really work on my inner beauty…for this is when I knew there had to be a change in my life. I needed to be true to what my life passions were and how I can be of service to others. We don’t need to fear our skin, we don’t need to fear growing older, we don’t need to fear being uncomfortable in our own skin. At Jewel of the Mile SkinWork I am here to listen, guide, and serve you into the best skin treatments and products for YOU! Individually we are unique and beautiful, let me help you not only look that but to FEEL it. Jewel of the Mile SkinWork offers preventative treatments and services using the exact products, equipment and techniques as big fancy spas at 40% less. The goal is to develop an ongoing working relationship with me as your skin specialist so we can customize to your skin needs without breaking the bank.

Plan a Visit

Consults are free. Bookings by appointment only. Gift certificates available.